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Re: Bose sux (NO Audi content)

Re Bose Lifestyle Hi (errr - Lo) Fi system mentioned
earlier by Dan (I think), I recently prevented a friend
of mine trading up (errr - down) to one of these systems
after I spent considerable time test listening this system.

It sux big time.

Great packaging, marketing but lousy sound.

The reason it sells well into the mass market is that the
casual listener is seduced by the emphasis on high and low
frequencies which give the (false) impression of high
clarity and grunt in the bass. Multi room capability clinches
the deal for the techno-freak.

For the same money careful selection of seperate components
will result in a system that will stun in comparison - believe

AFNAC - apologies for non-Audi content - ? a new acronym.

Greg Spark                  '96 A4 1.8Tq
sparkg@wave.co.nz           MTM 187hp
Hamilton, New Zealand       Hey - here's the Audi content!!