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Eric's Suspension Kit..

I too have sprung (no pun intended) for Eric Fletcher's suspension kit -
New Springs, struts, and subframe bushings. I am delighted to report
that after numerous delay inflicted by negligent UPS delivery folks
(all of which Eric totally covered), I finally got the car  finished
last night.


Part of the fun in tweaking an 87 5k csq IA stage I is seeing it perform
better than I've ever felt it before. Eric's kit is firm, but not bone
jarring, and the control is incredible. Make no mistake, I have no
desire or time to go autocrossing, etc - I just want my street wheels
to have  a high fun/mile ratio - and this kit does it!

I was not asked to say nice things, and paid full ticket...

Eric (in case youve been living in a cave) is at STEADIRIC@AOL.COM

Mark Aaldering

PS - less than a 1/4 mile from the house, the Audi gods detected that
I was having too much fun - an the Fan high speed relay blew....
  and I though I was finished working on the snow monster for a while... :-)