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Re: A4 recall

Hi all,

The grapevine is supported by AutoBild magazine this week. Contrary to the
rumour I reported on earlier, it will concern only 1.8 125bhp-engined A4s
built before 1-96. The exessive oil pressure will result in bad cold
starting because of valves opening at the wrong time. Audi claims 'this
will not influence the lifespan of the hydraulic lifters'. Hmmm....

Additional news: among other manufacturers, Audi has increased production
this year, resulting in a mass of unsold cars. The total amount of unsold
cars in Europe is said to be 4.5 million(!)
Now, for a reasonable 90% discount I could be persuaded to buy a new A4. I
wouldn't even be fussy about spec...

1988 80 1.8S

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