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Re: Bose sucks

> And that's the problem with sound...everyone's taste (and ears) are
> different.

In a past life, I too was involved with high-end audio (and, Yes, I happen
to own a few pairs of electrostatic speakers!) ... this canard about "ears
being different" really doesn't hold any water.  However different my ears
are from yours doesn't matter if we both use the same reference.  Ideally,
the goal is to reproduce the sound of live music as you hear it not as you
would like it to be ... people buying Bose junk (and it IS just that) tend
to buy it because it sounds like what they THINK music sounds like and not
because it accurately reproduces the signal it's fed.  The colorations the
company designs into its products are intentional and considered a FEATURE
not a limitation by their target market...

Getting back to Audis, the Bose system in my ex-girlfriend's 200 is awful!
It is possible for an OEM system to be at least decent (I recall hearing a
few of the Ford JBL/Infinity systems that weren't too awful bad!) but this
certainly isn't one of them.  Even the OEM Delta setup in my 200q sounds a
lot more realistic than the Bose setup in her car ... if you like the Bose
setup in your car or house or boat or plane, that's great.  Just don't try
to delude yourself (or anyone else) into thinking that what you hear bears
any resemblance to reality!

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