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Re: New A6, A4-based S4

On Oct 30,  2:59pm, Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv wrote:

> The A4-based S4 is coming too! Externally, the only distinguishing
> features will be a larger front air intake in the bumper and 17in
> Speedline wheels (with flaking clearcoat?). It will be based on
> the 2.8 30V V6 quattro, and will feature twin turbos, 6-spd man
> trans, 265bhp and an electronically governed 250km/h (156mph) top
> speed. Sports suspension will be standard equipment.

Dear Sirs,

Please send one of the aforementioned vehicles at your earliest
possible convenience.


Dan Masi
'96 A4Q, trading in for '98 S4