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RE: 90 Quattro 20v or 200TQ

Re. dependability: it varies with the car... Not what you want to hear,
but I know of several 91 200q's, most of which have nagging little
problems and some of which have not so small, persistent problems. Mine
has a stalling problem, another has a boost problem, others have
intermittent switches, intermittently lit switches, and so on.

Overall, the drivetrain on almost any quattro is pretty much bulletproof
and with good care 100,000+ miles is no problem and 200K+ is common too.

Depending on the year, the prices for the 200q (a 200 is always a turbo)
vary widely. There were only about 250 or so (depending on who's telling
you) 91 200q wagons imported to the States, so they're pricey (a 24,000
mile, one owner car sold for $21,600 in Seattle this weekend), but
they're also good right out of the box with 217hp/227lb-ft torque and,
IMO, are better looking than the other 5000/100/200 models with the
flared fenders (Nomex on). Other wagons go for a lot less and can fairly
easily be brought up to equivalent performance levels.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>Well, as the header sez, I'd really like to buy a 90 Quattro 20
>valve and I'm hoping somebody out there can help me.  I'd
>prefer a sedan, but would consider a coupe.  Low mileage is a 
>plus, as is any color but the Pearly White.  (I really hate that color,
>it looks like somebdoy jizzed all over the car)  Body and paint
>must be in good shape, mechanicals solid.
>Also considering a 200TQ if one could be had affordably.  A wagon 
>would be preferred.  What's the word on the reliability of these?
>I'm also putting my '91 VW G60 GTI up for sale.  Will be featured
>soon in European Car magazine, 220 dynoed hp, many goodies. Looking 
>for a good home!  :)
>If anybody has any info regarding a 90 quattro 20v for sale, please 
>let me know, I'd really appreciate it!
>					Josh
>Josh Wyte				Momentum Motorsports
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