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RE: Questions about insurance claims...

Here's some advice on this one for what it's worth:

 Your friend will have to fight, this will take more than a couple of   
seconds and this can be an effective tool for the company.
 This has a hidden lesson, if possible in your state you should carry   
coverage which explicitly states that your own insurance company will pay   
for the loss and subrogate the claim to the driver at fault's insurance.   
This extra piece of mind cost me about $20 a year...and get car rental   
coverage so you'll have time to fight 'em and get your ride repaired! I   
was involved in an accident where my insurance company had to subrogate   
the claim against itself...the driver at fault had the same insurer as   
me. Yipes!....thankfully it was AMICA with a stellar reputation.

 When I received the estimate, I first looked for glaring errors, such   
Tires in "Poor Condtion"
Response: No, Tires are 3 month old Michelins retailing for $400 and were
                 guaranteed for 60K and there is only 9K on them.
 Next, take into account that NADA values (or whatever) are based on avg.   
wholesale, retail, bank loan....Response: my car is way above average and   
here is why.
 Next, point out that NADA values for mileage deductions are the same   
percentage wise for other cars in class...however, Audi's are f***in'   
awesome...yada, yada, yada.
 Next, call the Attorney General's office in your state and ge the name   
of the guy or gal in charge of Insurance or the state insurance   
commission....use that name in a letter and tell them that you do not   
wish to bring it to this level, but that you will if you have to.
 Next, go to three dealers and describe your car to them....tell them you   
need a new car and will be back...then ask them really nicely to put   
something in writing on their letterhead about what they would sell the   
car for if it was on their lot.
 Something like:

 If that rat trap Audi was on my lot as described to me,
 based on cars I have sold, and prevailing prices at
 local auctions over the last six months, I would sell this
 wicked nice Audi for between five and six million dollars!

  If you are lucky, as I was, Farmers may consider averaging the three   
dealers' quotations with their own adjusted quotation.
 All this took a week and a half for me to do....but by golly I got   
enough money to buy back the salvage, totally repair the car...better   
than it was...and walk away with about $700 in cash.  I owed more on the   
car than it was worth.
 The only things that will work are solid documentation, knowledge,   
proving you will not lay down and die, and of course a high caliber   
weapon of some sort.
 Good Luck!

Paul Royal
 90 90Q20v
 87 5Ks (Human's New lawn Ornament)
 67 SS/RS 350 Camaro (Capri Cream, Power Slide, Loaded, Slow)
 90 Suzuki VX800 (Wear a Helmet)
 88 17' Renken Elite 1700 (120 H/P I/O Merc)

 "If you can't beat 'em, shoot 'em"