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Re: lighting, offensive, rant

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>dangerous at night when the driver likes to drive  around without
illuminating their dashboard! 
>Tony K  (re - DRL's by GM = Hi Beam)

Nothing compared to the wise acres here in the snow belt who think it's more
fun to use their *plow lights* than their regular headlights.  Those things
are about 5 feet off the ground and if they are aimed at all, it's with the
front of the truck pulled down by the plow - without the plow they are
insane to deal with.

Can I start in on driving with "driving lights" on in traffic?  Can I? Can I
?  The half bright ones the manufacturers build onto everything now are
usually wired to only come on with the low beams - so now "low beams" equals
4 headlights not 2.  and they are usually aimed at the oncoming drivers, or
into the rear window of the car ahead..

You know, not having my Audi on the road has turned me into a cranky old

gotta go!
Huw Powell

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