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Re: Dinan Chip WAS RE: A4Q vs RX7TT? Unh Unh.

SSMAUS@ccmail.monsanto.com writes:
>      Just wanted to know about this superchip (Dinan) you have on your car
>      that gives you 255hp. Are you talking about a 4k non-turbo, am I being
>      delirious? if so, what exactly have you done to get that extra oomph.
>      I have a 874kcsq and would love to hear about your car.
>      Thanks
>      Saqib Mausoof
>      ------------------------------------------------------------------
>      would neve=
>      r
>      >be happy with my old 4kq afterwards...to my pleasant surprise, not
>      only was
>      >the handling no better than the old q (aside from the differences in
>      14 vs.
>      >17 rubber anyway), but the thing supposedly had 255hp (it has a Dinan
>      chip)

I believe Pat was talking about the M3 having 255 hp, not the 4KQ.

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