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RE: New A6, A4-based S4

The steering wheel actually seems to have a different face entirely. The
"bolts" on the Audi item aren't there at all on the Passat wheel, making
it look, IMO, somewhat ugly. Still looks nice to hold though.
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>>much smaller. If it will look like this sketch in its definitive
>>incarnation, you can't mistake it for anything else or for anything but an
>>Audi. Great car!
>Most people would also say the new Passat is an Audi wearning a wrong
>badge. Just look at the new Passat's steering wheel -- it's the same
>as the "sport steering wheel" available in A4, but with VW badge in the
>middle. The Passat will also be available in 30-valve V6 quattro (named
>Syncro...) but at about UK$5000 less than equivalent Audi (new) A6.
>>The A4-based S4 is coming too! Externally, the only distinguishing features
>I hope they'll import it into U.S. Not only we'll have more choices, but
>more new VW Passat owners will sub to the q-list, looking for S4 parts to
>upgrade their Audi Passat quattro. (:
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