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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1297

[from Al Powell]

I sometimes use my driving lights as a visual beacon for them fools that
often populate the roads around here. Sort of a DRL to clear the fog out of
them hardy souls piloting out there in the haze. Like the SUV that pulled
right out in front of me car today. Them MetalMasters worked for that app.

But I only had my 9007's on. Dem Audidimbeams they didn't see.

>Personally, I cannot conceive of conditions in which I would use fog
>lamps which do not DEMAND that at least parking lights and tail
>lights must be run as well.  Half the function of lights is for
>others to see US!!
>I personally consider it a MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD to drive with fog
>lights only on, unless it's in limp-home-mode for a mile or two during
>a blizzard or in pea soup fog with highly limited visibility.  Even
>then, low beams should usually be on.  Why?

Ernest Wong
at esw5@cornell.edu