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Re: fog laws

In a message dated 96-10-30 22:15:57 EST, you write:

<< you sure that's the only reason for the stop?
 sounds more like he was just fishin'...
 ps - anyone know if this is an equipment violation or a moving violation?
 ability to see is worth risking a no-points $50 ticket once every few years.
 i also wonder how the laws are written regarding the rear fog light.
Hmmmm....  Well, he seemed pretty versed in the use of fogs (and this was 6
years ago, too), a PA state trooper with the prove me test at the ready (made
me switch the lights on and off, hi and low...), equipment violation if my
memory serves, so a hassle fine at most....  No fishin there, he didn't even
ask about the 3 Oscar + sitting on the bumper, cuz they were covered....  I
later found out from a friend that part of the roadside inspections in PA
include light tests, so I rigged the 3 way switch for him too, must also be
no lower than 12in from the ground (yes he measured)...  Rear fog cannot be
on without front fog, is my understanding....  A total  max of 6 forward
facing "operational" lights is common in most states, none operational at a
point higher than the lowest part of the windshield......   Back when the
ProRally scirocco was my daily driver too, learned a lot in a short time on
the light laws....