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Re: Insurance questions...

> One thing I forgot to mention is that he'd just installed a set of 15" BBS
> wheels and tires on it and Farmer's $4,100 offer supposedly gives him full
> credit for this.  If true, then their offer really stinks!  BTW, he claims
> that even the adjuster's supervisor won't talk to him about his claim!  He
> is hoping to get $5-5200 for the car and plans to buy back the salvage for
> the $900 they want for it ... he's found an '87 Coupe GT for $1,500 and is
> planning to graft the quattro bits onto it!  :^)

Did the wheels get hurt?  If not, then they really don't count if he buys
the salvage... he gets a nice set of wheels for that $900 as well as the

> BTW, this should serve as a good reminder: If you have fancy wheels or car
> stereo in your Audi and are involved in an accident, have it towed to your
> house or somewhere else where you have unlimited access to swap everything
> back to OEM.  In this case, Farmer's adjuster would have never known about
> his BBS wheels and their offer probably wouldn't seem quite as bad.  If it
> gets towed to the typical secured storage yard, they won't let you pull or
> replace ANY parts even though you still own the car!  BTDT... 

I had an 80 4k totalled here in WA - my brother in law was using the car and
had put fancy wheels and stereo in it.  The insurance adjuster didn't care
about the wheels or stereo, he basically said we could remove the stereo
and put whatever old wheels on it before turning it in to them.  We did.
They gave us around $1400 for it.  Considering I paid around $800
(it had a leaky valve cover gasket and bad wheel bearing when I bought
it), this wasn't a bad deal!