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Re: Audi Oil Filters-Opinions on Mann or Mahle Filters Substitutes

Mann and Mahle make the oil filters (and air filters) for VW/Audi, so yes 
they have the anti-drain back valve.  They're the exact same thing except 
VW/Audi adds their name and marks them up 300%.  The best source I've found 
for them is German Parts & Restoration in CA.  They sell the VW filters for 
$3.00 each!  These are the same ones used on the Audi 5 cyl engines.  They 
would have the copper gaskets for the drain plug as well.

Check out their ad in any European Car issue for their phone #.  I find GPR 
to be a very good source for VW/Audi parts.  They carry only top quality 
parts (no made in India junk) and have some of the lowest prices around.


>From: Glenn Kaufman <gkaufman@ftp.com> wrote:
>Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 16:25:38 -0500
>Subject: Holy Price of Audi Oil Filters Batman! Opinions on Mann or Mahle

>I was about to buy some new oil filters for my '86 Coupe GT from my Audi
>dealer who wanted to charge me about $10 per filter.  Wowww!  Two years 
>the dealer charged me about $3.50 each for a dozen.

>I've used Fram before,  but they don't have the anti-drain feature.   The
>dealer also carried Mann and Mahle filters.  Can anyone fill me in about
>these two filters?  Are they any good?  Do they have the anti-drain 
>Will they let sand through?  Thx.  glenn