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Re: Cool Carbon brake dust

In a message dated 96-10-31 01:41:07 EST, you write:

<<      Hey y'all,
            I just wanted to ask.  I know a few of you (Eric, PDQSHIP) are
 ng the Cool Carbon brake pads.  I just got a set and was wondering about the
 rbon fiber brake dust.  I have heard some reports of them ruining the
finnish o
 n thier wheels.  Is this true?  And, what do I need to do to make sure this
 s not happen to me?  Should I wax my wheels?  And, I figure the best thing
to d
 o is to make sure that I do not let too big of an accumulation of brake dust
 t on the wheels and just hose them off every two weeks or so.  Any input.
Yes, definitely clean them often...  Esp in the winter months....  The dust
has a way of eating thru the clearcoat (with the salt help I'm sure) and
imbedding into the alloys....  BTDT....  I do both, use a spray wheel cleaner
before every car wash entry, then I wax at least the rim on a regular basis,
I found the dust comes off easier when you do this...