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> From: Glenn Kaufman <gkaufman@ftp.com>
> I was about to buy some new oil filters for my '86 Coupe GT from my Audi
> dealer who wanted to charge me about $10 per filter.  Wowww!  Two years ago,
> the dealer charged me about $3.50 each for a dozen. 

Try Amsoil filters. 
> I've used Fram before,  but they don't have the anti-drain feature.   

Not to mention they're made of one sheet of porous cardboard.

> The
> dealer also carried Mann and Mahle filters.  Can anyone fill me in about
> these two filters?  Are they any good?  Do they have the anti-drain feature?
> Will they let sand through?  Thx.  glenn

Amsoil filters:

1)  Cost less than the OEM, and I *think* they are lower than Mahle.
2)  They have about 1" thick filtration material, about the best 
3)  They have both bypass and anti-drainbacl valves.  EVERY filter in 
the line has both.
4) IMO, they're the finest available.

You can find a dealer/source by calling 800/777-8491.

PS: SteadiRic has used the Amsoil filters.  I would welcome his 
comments to the list.  Haven't heard him comment about this specific 
part of maintenance.

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