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[Fwd: Re: "Hidden" bolt to remove console...]

Myke456@aol.com wrote:
> I'm troubleshooting wiring in center console, going to the rear cig. lighter
> and bulb. Need to remove the console, but am unable to find "hidden"
> attachment towards the rear. This console has the A/C ducts and lighter that
> goes to the rear seats, has small hinged elbow rest with cassette holder
> underneath. 87 5kcsTQ
> There are 2 screws on each side on "the hump", they're out. Nothing under the
> elbow rest. It feels like there is an attachment within the console near the
> rear, but don't want to force/break the cig. lighter panel located there.
> Anyone been there?

I was close, and gave up. Did you remove the two side panels from the
console? I understand removing them (one screw for each and five
push-in/snap connectors) gives access to everything inside the console.

I gave up 'cause I found out I really didn't need to remove it.

Michael Eck
88 GTI 16V