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Re:foggy fog laws

I have heard/read differing views on what combo of lights you must (by law) use
when you use fogs:

The standard one, as included in most of your aftermarket fog light kits, is
that you must wire them so that they come-on/go-off with your low beams.  I have
been told the more important factor here is that they go OFF with the hi-beams.
This will happen in most two bulb (sealed beam) applications when you tie the
relay into the low beam circuit.  (here you achieve compliance with the law, but
not necessarily the desired lighting result)

Using the rear fog light:  you must have some sort of front light on as well --
but it doesn't have to be fogs.  Otherwise all those Volvos and Audis ('91
200tqw's for example) that have a factory rear but no factory fronts would be
out of the box illegal.  This makes sense:  if you have the rear on for low
visibility, then you ought to have something on up front, too.

There are any number of variations of when lights can/must (by law) be used:
low visibility, when you use your wipers (it's the law in Luxembourg), fogs okay
in town, hi-beams/driving lights not okay.  This is a different question than
how they can be wired.

My $0.02:  Fogs are for low visibilty conditions (due to environmental
conditions, not poor factory headlights).  In light fog/rain white fogs with low
beams is okay  (tail/"parking" naturally).  In heavy fog/snow:  amber fogs
without lows (low speed here)  w/tail & parking and rear fog if you've got one.
Clear weather:  fogs off;  at high speed, open road, nobody on-coming to blind:
hi beams and driving lights.

Joe Yakubik

PS:  Tom's F-16 was probably a Dutch A-model with the little engine and skinny
intake.  I remember way back in the 70's I was on my Big Wheel and some SR-71
driver got a little uppity...