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Top Gear UK heaps praise on Audis

Hi all,

It's a well-known fact that the charismatic star presenters of the BBC TV
programme Top Gear are partial to Audis. Jeremy Clarkson has raved about
them in his book 'Clarkson on cars' (very amusing book BTW), Quentin
Willson has recommended them as secondhand cars more than once and Top Gear
Magazine has commented favourably about them as well.

Jeremy Clarkson thought the A3 was the best in its class, and this month's
Top Gear magazine rates it over the BMW Compact and the Golf GTI. The A4
Avant was names as the best estate when compared with the Mercedes C-class
and the BMW 3 Touring because of its unique blend of style, practicality
and drivablility.

Last night's Top Gear programme however, had a test of the new VW Passat.
The highest praise they could give it, was that Audi should watch its
step... the new Passat was almost as good as the A4, which they considered

Still, it's very nice that an Audi comes first in almost every test they
do, not on cold hard facts alone but because they're such a nice overall
package. That's high praise from a hard-to-please crowd of people... you
should have seen the hatchet job they did on the (atmittedly stupid) Suzuki
X-90 yesterday!

BTW I read Top Gear magazine montly, and it's a very well-balanced,
informative and humourous mag. Nice stuff! (No, I don't work for them. Just
a satisfied buyer) Can you get it in the 'States?

Eagerly awaiting the test of the new A4-based S4,

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