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another wagon and some rare rims

Just spoke with my mechanic (Greg at Autofirme) and told him
about the 200 wagon - btw, Anderson Brothers are selling a similar
car for $19500...

He also has a wagon for sale, fully serviced with new brakes, tires,
tb/wp, etc.  It is pearl white, has 100k, he's looking to
get $9500 for it.  He is a very good, independent Audi mechanic,
who happens to prorally a 5000q, so I'm sure it will be in good

He also has a set of rims, which he describes as a "Dotz factory rim,
similar to a Ronal but with 11 spokes.  5 lug pattern, 7x15."
They are new, unpainted and in the box.  If you are interested or
know what they are worth give him a call.

His number is (914) 855-0170.

| Dan |
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