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Re: Amsoil Lubricants/Filtration

Hi Sean,

> I'm currently using Amsoil full synthetic 10W40 and their oil filter.  
> considering their new Series2000 0W30 due to the advertised wear tests. 
>   Some of my concerns with a 0W30 are its viscosity range for year-round 

I'm using Amsoil 10-30 in the wife's 4ks (1.8). I bought a 4kcsq (2.2) in 
June, drove it for 1500 miles (didn't use a drop, had Amalie in it, I 
think), then switched to 0-30 (which is ~$2 more per quart). Now it 
consumes/leaks a quart every ~2000 miles :-( I'm considering switching back 
to 10-30, which has lower volatility (the wife's car stays full for ~20k 
miles between changes, 'cep when I change the filter).

The 10-30 has a pour-point of -75F which should be good enough for here in 
southern NH (-18F minimum in my five years here). The 5-30 pp is -76F, but 
the high-temp performance is much lower than the 10-30--I don't see any use 
for the 5-30. The 0-30 has an extended drain interval of 30k miles, while 
the 5-30 and 10-30 are 25k miles;  neither applies to turbo cars, where 
Amsoil recommends not exceeding the manuf's specified drain interval.

> and application to Audi turbos.  I am also evaluating Amsoil vs K&N air 
> filters and would like some feedback from users out there.   

I have an Amsoil foam filter, but no turbo and stock exhaust. It seems to 
work fine, but ymmv.

> Is anyone using a by-pass oil filter. Pro/Cons? Does it reduce oil 

I don't have any data, but I would guess the bypass filter won't help you 
much. The Amsoil filters are the best available and will be changed, with 
the oil, every 7500 miles anyway (due to turbo). The bypass setup is about 
$60 (?) and time (and space) for installation, plus another quart and 
filter at each change.

> Rather than relying on Amsoil's data, does anyone have any objective data 
> such as oil analysis results?

I don't try for extended drain intervals, so I don't do analysis.

> Sean Dhanraj (Please cc to sjagernauth@attmail.com)
> '87 5kcstq Sahara Beige


James Marriott, BSME
Manchester, NH, USA
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