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Anyone know this '83 ur-quattro?

A fellow in FL is selling his recently acquired (from Anderson Bros.)
ur-quattro, and my brother is interested in it.  From his description,
though, I am leary of the car.  The VIN is # waudc085xda900586, and
he describes the car as follows:

>100,600 miles
>ok here's what's good about this car:
>The dash is NOT cracked anywhere, the pass. seat and rear are great.
>Scorpion Exhaust System, K&N Filter, T.A.P. Chip and Boost upgrade, Limo
>Tinted windows (keeps out the hot southern sun) Custom Graphics ("quattro"
>on winshield, and on rear side windows, trunk Audi and Quattro also rings on
>doors all in silver vinyl.)Is due for some work and should be pushing 250hp
>and 15lbs of boost soon.
>ok to be very honest, here's what's NOT good about this car:
>Driver's seat needs left bolster repair. Driver's window needs new
>cable(motor works, but the cable is snapped) Needs a condensor for A/C (but
>I'm trying to get one from a lister) Third gear has a little grrrr going in.
>and here's the good and bad news; The car was painted about 4 days before I
>got it. From about 10 feet it looks good- but whoever prepped it was on some
>cheap drugs. There are some runs, rust bubbles and I'll be damned if they
>didn't paint OVER the original decals, yes you CAN see them almost embossing
>thru the paint. And the front fenders are mostly fake. 
>What's my point of view? If I keep her I strip her, redo bodywork and paint
>along with all the other repairs. If I sell her I want my cost plus upgrades
>expense- basically to come out even. These cars are an investment. About
>$2000-3000 (depending on your level of rebuild) will make her very nice, I
>just can't decide whether to do it or not. Right now I've already got over
>$8000 invested and it's not my daily driver. Hope I haven't scared you off
>but nosense in leading you on. The car is visually acceptable and
>mechanically as well, but any enthusiast will want to fix'er up right away.

What do you guys think?  Anyone know anything about the car from the VIN? 

The statement about the "front fenders are mostly fake" concerns me, as
well as the rust on the body.  We can fix anything mechancally wrong,
so those issues aren't too worrisome.  Some problems are to be expected
on such an old car, but what is considered acceptable?

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