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Jack Stands, Oil...

> From: "Dave C." <conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu>
> There are four jack points on the Audis, right?
> So...when you use one of them to jack the car, and want to put it on jack
> stands, where do you put the jack stand?  

Simple enough, Dave.  You have two jack points per side: inner and 
outer.  Jack up using the outer, and use the inner (round pad, about 
4" inside the outer) as your jack stand point.  Your owner's manual 
shows the outer ones.  You can reliably lift the entire side of the 
car using these.  When I jack the rear, I jack using the mid-point of 
the rear axle beam (I have FWD only) and use a jackstand under....oh 
heavens...lemme think....I think there's another pad back there.  If 
not, there are definitely suspension points which work.  If you're 
just changing tires, use the front points.

OR - I also jack the front using a floor jack under the front 
crossmember.  Not according to factory dogma, but the wheels aren';t 
pointing straight east and west yet.

> From: marriott@Summa4.COM
> Subject: Re: Amsoil Lubricants/Filtration

I'll add to the previous reply....

> > and application to Audi turbos.  I am also evaluating Amsoil vs K&N air 
> > filters and would like some feedback from users out there.   
> I have an Amsoil foam filter, but no turbo and stock exhaust. It seems to 
> work fine, but ymmv.

I have used the Amsoil filters for some years.  They work fine and 
are slightly easier to get in and out than the stock filter, which is 
a GIANT OUTSIZE PITA.  (Hmmm...I almost wrote "puta" for that last 
word, which would almost be equally accurate....)
> > Is anyone using a by-pass oil filter. Pro/Cons? Does it reduce oil 
> pressure?

I have used one on a 280ZX.  They do NOT lower oil pressure.  They 
use a Tee at the oil pressure sending unit and divert oil thru the 
bypass filter.  That filter is even FINER than the stock Amsoil 
filter, and is a slow-flow; it filters the oil once in about each 
hour's running, If I recall...but that's probably not quite right.

I cannot make a bypass filter fit on my 280ZX, or I would be running 
one now.  I haven't cared to re-plumb the Audi.  I personally think 
the bypass filter is DANDY insurance, and yes, I do run extended 
change invtervals...although they're be farther apart if I had the 
bypass filter on.
About Ian Gregory's note:

SAY IT'S NOT SO!!  Ian, hang in there.  Hope they catch the sorry 
ba***rd who stole your car!

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