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        I installed a new fuel filter in my 1986 5000 CS Turbo following the
directions in the Haynes manual.  The directions in this instance are very
good.   Be sure to look at figure 15.5 which indicates the release pressure
valve.   Use good quality wrenches because some of the metal is soft, and
started to round the nut.  The wrenches that I used were first a 14 mm to
release the pressure in the hose.  A 17mm at the exterior of car side of the
filter.  A 10mm to release the filter.   

         Do follow the Haynes' directions to place a rag underneath the ends
of the filter, and to cover to prevent spray.  Especially, do follow the
directions to do the work in a well ventilated area.  I did it in the Garage
and got a headache.   Next time I'll be sure to do it outside.

	Intrestingly on Part No.s, the number of the Filter taken off the Car is
Bosch, 0 450 905 143 and it also has a 957 in a oval.  Running the direction
of the arrow and fluid flow is the further number 371.29.1.19  The Bosch
filter is Made in Spain.

	The Fram filter that I installed is Number, G6398.   The Fram Fuel Filter
is imported from Germany.  Strange the Bosch filter is made in Spain, and
the Fram in Germany.  The filter was very expensive something like $20.00
for the filter at a good local auto supply store.  

        The 5000 CS Turbo had a little more power after this change, and a
bottle of fuel injector cleaner.

Dora Balcazar
South America Women Association
PO Box 40154
San Francisco, CA  94140