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Re: Fog Lamps?

frank sed:
>ps - some states now require headlights on if your wipers are on.

>     can you say "lowest common denominator"?

Sorry, gonna dispute you on this one.  Ma & Pa Kettle are just too stoopid
to turn their damn lights on when conditions merit, so it must be made a law
to do so.  I've lived in states with laws both ways, and by gum, I really
feel safer in those that require lights with wipers.  Looking back, mebbe we
are saying the same thing, but I feel safer with the law, dunno...

And Huw sed:
>Can I start in on driving with "driving lights" on in traffic?  Can I? Can I
>?  The half bright ones the manufacturers build onto everything now are
>usually wired to only come on with the low beams - so now "low beams" equals
>4 headlights not 2.  and they are usually aimed at the oncoming drivers, or
>into the rear window of the car ahead...

And then we get to aftermarket ones.  Pattern?  Those things have pattern?
The ones I see do not appear to have any cutoff at all (unless mr. saturday
wrench put 'em in upside down!!!).  Obviously the really "cool" way to
install them is to the least structurally sound thing on the front of the
car ("how 'bout just screwing 'em to the air dam?  Cool!!!).  This negates
any attempt at AIM, since they aim themselves countless times per
minute..."boy, I sure look cool with these lights, eh?  but why is everybody
flashing me?"...Makes me wanna go get on of those flamethrower hand-held
lights that plug into the lighter and return fire...

Where we live, people even turn their stock lights into weapons, using body
design by impact, and not doing something about their safety gear after
(headlight aim)...How many times have I seen someone searching the
constellations for oncoming traffic?  And when flashed, these dolts show you
how well they've aimed the highs for oncoming traffic...

Then there's the really cool dudes that think it's neat to switch the plugs
around on their 4-light system and drive around on highs only in town...I'm
really impressed...honey, hand me the flamethrower again...

Yegad, whatta crabby old fart I've become.  Sorry for the long rant, just
made the mistake of getting started...Used to chalk it up to intolerance of
others lack of concern for anyone else...

I'll go away now...
QCUSA #1765
Member #47 NW Region AQC