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Re: Need help - stalling '90 90q20v

Solomon Ngan wrote:
> Hi,
> My stalling problem is getting more frequent.
> I cleaned the ISV with carbon cleaning agent.  Made no difference.
> The car just stalls occasionally at idle.  It only happens like once
> in 30 stops at idle.   The idle also tends to hunt a bit.  And then,
> all of a sudden, the rpm just drops.  If I catch it fast enough and
> give gas, I can save the stalling.
> Other than that, the car runs normal.  ie, no lack of power at any
> running speed.
> Any clue ?
> ISV ?
> Basic engine setting ?
> Oxygen senor ?
> Anything else ??
> Thanks for your help.
> _________________________________
> Solomon Ngan <sngan@netaccess.on.ca>
>   '93 100s
>   '90 90q20v

Salomon : Many things could give you your condition.
Starting simple... Check and clean grouding connection to intake manifold at both ends. 
Very important that the manifold is perfectly grounded.
Also some air leak into intake system bypassing the air flow plate ( mixture control 
unit ) hoses, connectors, etc...
Finally check idle switch for electrical function...not just the clicking noise..clean 
connector to switch and apply 2 drops of contact enhancer if available ( Stabilant).
Good luck