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A thanks, a thought, and a question . . .

Hi Al -

At 11:56 AM 10/28/96 CDT, a-powell1@tamu.edu wrote:
>This friendly advice is for those of you who own pickup trucks....

Personally, I think that was very worthwhile information well worth sharing
with anyone and everyone - a nice, thoughtful reminder.

The thought - the expansion, or further "slanting" of Saunders' Slant to
include "if it needs be done more than once it's probably worth learning how
to do."

The question - what is the origin of 'Saunders' Slant'?

Thanks for your time - I appreciate your input to this line of
communication, as I am certain many others do as well.

Dave Calhoun
IZCC #2423
(Actually have been through College Station a couple of times and remember
it as being a really nice place - one of those that gets tucked away "just
in case one wants to go somewhere else".)]

>And so it goes...........