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Snow Tires - Pirelli 210/P

Just wanted to solicit some comments on the Pirelli 210/P snow tire.  I
currently have some Riken 225/50/16 studded snows on my S4 that came with the
car when I bought it with 45k miles on it.   Anyways I have the opporunity to
buy a set of the Pirelli 210/P's in 225/50/16 size for about $60 each ( less
than 1/2 of what the Tire Rack & Discount Tire sells them for)  - they look
almost new.  I was wondering the following things: 
 1) how does this tire perform in snow and ice (this is the non-ice version
of the 210/P - I believe they just started making an ice version this year
with the same snow tread pattern),  2) how is it on dry roads - it sounds
good since its a H speed rated tire (we get alot of winter days with no snow
or ice on the local roads of Denver),  and 3) how much difference is there
between running the 225/50/16 and 205/55/16 which the Tire Rack, Discount
Tire, also recommend as an appropriate size for my stock 16x8 in rims (the
reason I want to use them on my stock rims is because I have a set of 17x8
Borbet Type C's I'm planning to run 235/45/17s on next summer - BTW if anyone
has a set of summer tires in this size they want to part with let me know).
Thanks in advance for any advice on this subject,
Marc Weiner -  EMail: KWeiner64@aol.com
94 S4 and 90 Coupe Q.