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Lowering A4 (was ID this Audi)

Which brings up the question...

Would lowering the A4 a smidgen improve it?  I have a 97 A4Q (2.8), great
car but I'd like better cornering and less body roll.  With the stock
Goodyear tires (which are not wimpy), it still doesn't corner at speed
anywhere near as well as a BMW or even my somewhat modified Ford Escort.
Eventually I'll replace the tires too, but they can't be as bad as the car
is right now.

BTW, I'm new to Seattle WA.  Is there a good Audi performance shop here?

        '97 A4Q 2.8L stick, Black/Black Leather

>I am new to this, please excuse me if I do or say something I should
>not. I have seen the car in question, and it is nothing more than an
>A4Q, lowered with S6 badges!!! When you lower the A4 the fenderwells
>seem to fill up completely with tire, giving that agressive stance you
>spoke about. The sales manager at the dealer that I bought my A4Q from
>has a pearl white, lowered A4Q with 17" BBS RX rims(225/45/ZR tires) and
>it looks totaly mean! Hope this clears everything up.