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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1315

In a message dated 96-11-03 10:33:21 EST, you write:

<< To all,
 Just wonderin if anyone here has them? what is your experience. I 
 figured I should just go out and buy the best. Besides they look way 
 too cool in the car. >>

Since I assume you'll be using them on the street, you should check out
Scroth (pr- shrote) harnessbelts.  They are the only street legal belts I
know of (correct me if I'm wrong).  They have the Rallye 3 (3-point
mounting), Rallye 4 (4-point mounting), and Rallye 3A which is the 3-point
with an Automatic seatbelt tensioner that is triggered by a mercury switch,
remotely mounted.  This allows better mobility during street driving and when
it senses a certain amount of G-force, it tightens up.  You can also get a
lock-out switch for the 3A which leaves the belt to be manually tightened for
track situations or spirited driving. These mount easily with the rear
harness point sometimes (all?) mounting to the rear three-point location on
the rear pillar.  The standard R-3 and R-4 run about $150 each from Bavarian
Autosport (1.800.535.2002), and the R-3A is about $200.  Shoulder pads are
$35 and the Lockout switch is around $15.  They come in a variety of colors.

If I was going to get harnessbelts for street/track use, these would be the
ones.  I know there are simpler racing belts for less money as well.