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temp. sender repair?

I had a small coolant leak where the coolant temperature sender threads
in.  During the period that it leaked, the temp. gauge stopped working. I 
had just replaced the sending unit a few months ago so i assumed that the
dribbling coolant fouled up the connector.  I cleaned everything up and
the gauge still doesn't work.  Is there anyway the internals could have
gotten corroded?  When I say the gauge doesn't work I mean it only moves
~1 mm on the scale when the car is completely warmed up.  If anyone has
any clues please share them. 

	Also, the Autocheck warning light for low coolant is always
flashing regardless of the actual coolant level.  Could the sending unit
in the coolant reservoir be bad?  I don't know if these 2 problems are
tied together in any way  but they are both driving me crazy(especially
the autocheck beeping and flashing and beeping and flashing....)


 Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
'88 90Q
Fenton, Michigan USA