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Hella XL Auxiliary Lights

Although the headlights on my '92 100 are better than older models, they
still are not all that great. In fact, I use my fog/"driving"(as I call
them) lights all the time, to better fill in the gaps left by the stock

Hella makes a set of Auxiliary Driving lights called Hella XL (priced at
about $99.00). Has anyone tried these? They are supposed to supplement
existing headlight systems (for those that need it.... like Audi!!) as a
second set of "headlights". I am thinking of putting these on (i.e. on my
Christmas wish list?), but figured that I would see (pardon the pun) if
anyone here has any comment on them.

I would like to hook-up the Xls, and still use my fogs as well, when the
"going gets tough"!!

I vaguely remember hearing/reading somewhere that there may be
local/national laws prohibiting the use of more than 4 lights in a forward
direction. Is this true? How much would the fine be? Do you think I could
just get a warning, claiming ignorance of this regulation (and hope I don't
get the same cop twice!)? Perhaps if they are not aimed correctly, I will be
ticketed.... for blinding oncomers.... but if they are all adjusted
perfectly.....maybe I'll be given a break?

Hmm.... perhaps if I showed the Officer how poor the stock lights were
without the XLs (and fogs), he would commend me in the interest of public
safety instead!!

Any thoughts are appreciated. TIA.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S