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A4Q vs RX7TT? Unh Unh.

In message <Pine.HPP.3.91.961103163752.26386B-100000@barney.gonzaga.edu> Shaun Hoffman writes:

> Is this "sport" quattro a factory rally car?  What is it's history, what
> year and what else do you know about it?

It was built by mtm as a demonstrator.  It's _not_ a Sport - it uses
an ur-quattro chassis and an ur-quattro 20V engine with Sport breathing.

It has mtm's own turbocharger and suspension, with Sport brakes on the
front and the ventilated ur-quattro 20V brakes on the rear.  The
wheels are 9.75 x 16" Speedlines shod with 245/45x16 Yokohamas.

It was built for Roland Mayer, the MD of mtm, as his personal transport.

I don't know the year, but it has to be either 1990 or 1991.  UK Club
members will see a full page advert in this month's newsletter.

 Phil Payne

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