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Keith Anderson

I have one more story that reinforces why I am happy
to be a customer of Keith Anderson, (612) 937 8639. 

First let me point out that Anderson Bros Specialties used 
to be owned by Kent and Keith, but Keith bought his brother out.
Kent nowruns KAR, and you can visit his page at:

A couple of weeks ago I was getting my urq ready for my last
track event of the season, with PCA @ NHIS.Late Tues afternoon Tim
(excellent guys, Eurosport Motorcars, Merrimack NH, 603 424 5100)
calls me and says that my right front shock is dead and leaking.

I call Keith, tell him that we need to get a replacement shock 
FEDXd overnight to Tim, he says no problem.

Wednesday morning I call Keith, he says "Small problem, the distributors
don't have any on the shelf, but we'll get one FEDXd direct from
Koni/USA right to Tim."

Wednesday at 5pm I call Keith again, he says "I have an interesting
story", I say "I don't want any interesting stories, I need a new
shock, in Tim's hands, by Thursday morning!!!"

He says "Don't worry, you'll be driving Friday, we've got you covered, but
we won't be getting a shock from Koni. It seems they have them, but they
are doing inventory, and the beancounters are prohibiting them from shipping
anything til Friday" 

I say "that's a typical customer is s**t attitude, and it doesn't help me, I
need to be ready Thursday night. if we aren't getting one from Koni, where
is the shock coming from?"

Keith says "Well, I took the front suspension apart in my car and pulled out the 
shock,and it's only 4pm here, so I have a half hour before the UPS guy comes"


UPS arrived, shock installed, track event successful, customer ecstatic.

Glenn Lawton