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BTTC-lookalike A4

Hi all,

A German magazine (forgot the name) had a picture of an A4 that was
modified to look like a touring car rep. The silver car was lowered,
featured enormous (18"?) spoked wheels with a centre locking nut, huge
front/rear spoilers in touring car style. It even had the diagonally placed
red 4rings logos on the flanks. It looked very aggressive, but you need
some guts to do that to a new car...

Reminds me of the guy in my neighbourhood who built an M3 replica on his
base model clapped-out 316. Went to great lengths to get the correct
spoilers, wheels, even the special rear screen and bootlid. But his money
ran out and he was forced to run it with the standard 316 engine, smoking
great big blue clouds and revving it to death at every traffic light. The
laughing stock of the neighbourhood!

1988 80 1.8S (no go-faster add-ons)

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