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Re: '91 200 Q brakes

I just ordered drilled Brembos and KVR brake pads from the Canada
company (forgot old name) now called KVR. Talk to Cathy, she's on
commission. I'm told the pads are "carbon fiber with kevlar thermal
insert" and last twice as long, stronger for racing, (which I have
not-yet) etc. This is a brake company place and will cross drill your
own rotors for $45 each. I told them the Q list and Quattro club folks
think they/we are special and her boss will let sell the rotors for my
car at "half price". Retail she said was $258 US and I paid $129 each
plus $97 for all the pads, shipping $20. Good deal? I don't know. These
are the same part # as the S4. They know brakes. Linda had sent me
brakes for the "89-91 200 turbo" as it turns out, when she knows full
well what car I have. Carlson is the lowest price but not always
accurate. Still waiting for the correct control arm busings from

So that is the deal there. There phone #: 1-800-636-0854