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(filtered because he used **scribe)

Been reading the archives for months.Decided to s*bscribe and tap into 
the knowledge pool. 
Having a problem with 1983 ur coupe (vinxxxx594). Recently installed MC 
engine (wx had 5 bad exh.mfld bolts,scored cylinder #3, non oem head 
gasket, bad turbo etc. etc.) in short "NIGHTMARE". Used all original 
injection parts etc. swapped wg spring and cap (black spring). Opened up 
FTCU,looks un mollested. Installed ABT aux three gauge panel and vdo 
gauges,(water temp, oil pressure, boost/vacuum).Engine runs strong but 
will not even get close to red line. Boost is 13 psi, max rpm 5200. just 
flattens out. Feels like something occurs about 4500/4600 rpm. I have 
installed warning light in parallel with fuel pump power feed, does not 
cut out. Checked air temp. sensor cuircuit (ok), coolant temp sensor 
(ok). Some times the duty cycle reading does not fluctuate, stays steady 
at 46%. If I rev engine a little ossilation starts. Frequency valve seems 
ok, oxy sensor checks out. Need help with this. Thanks.

1983 ur quattro cp, helios blu,BBS RS,Eibach/Boge.
1983 ur quattro cp, alpine wh,H&R,Bilstein,TAP bushings,BBS RA 225/50/16
1987 4000 quattro,Eibach/Boge, Moda Sport 205/60/15
1988 bmw m6 dinan,Fahey track pipe,Bilstein,BBS RS 245/45/16