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Re: Opinions on Synthetic Transmission Oils?

Thanks!  I'm looking forward to hear you're results. glenn

At 01:54 PM 11/4/96 EST, you wrote:
>      Glenn,
>         For easy use in cold weather, I'd highly reccomend that you switch out
> to a synthetic gear oil.  I would reccomend Redline MTL.  GL4 is what the Audi
> manual specifies, so I would go with that.  I have Amsoil synthetic in my car
>right now, and it works fine, but I've heard the Redline stuff is better becaus
>e of it's structure or something.  Supposedly the Redline has something in it t
>hat has enough friction to help the synchos mech better.  Supposedly other synt
>hetics (my Amsoil included) are too slick and don't work as good.  I've never r
>eally noticed a problem, but I just ordered some Redline gear oil (MT90 for the
>tranny and 75/80W MTL for the diffs) for my car last week.  I don't know if I'l
>l get to change it this weekend, but if I do, I'll let you know what I think of
>it and if there's any noticable difference.  Supposedly there is.  Now, I can t
>ell you that there is a big difference between the facory oil and any synthetic
>.  And, the gearlbox and tranny work much better in cold weather.
>                                                                   Later,
>                                                                   Dan