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Escort 5000 Radar

  Hi Folks,
       A little while ago someone was debating the purchase of an ESCORT
  5000 from DAMARK.
  I decided to take the bait after watching the thread for awhile.  Here's
  what  I've found so far:

  The screen display is nice...but slower to read like analog vs. digital
  The screen display is cool...unless the Sun is hitting it just right and
  you can't see a damn thing
  I'm not saying this thing is big...but I thought DAMARK  has mistakenly
  sent me one of those portable
             "Plug-in to your cigarette lighter who needs ice" coolers
  Detector seems to be no more or less sensitive than the same priced
  UNIDEN...which is good.
  The PASSPORT 5000 has no real rearward warning system.
  The PASSPORT 5000 was also marketed as a COBRA model; that is about 2
  years old.
  I see the UNIDEN coming back into my life.....will report again in a few