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Re: Bosal Mufflers -- good?

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>     Vinod,
>        I have a 5ktq as well.  I have heard of Bosal mufflers before, and I thi
> nk they are pretty decent.  I don't know how compaired to the OEM one, but I'd
> image pretty close.  BTW, If you really want to save money, I'd reccomend no mu
> ffler at all!  It really sounds good and is NOT too loud.  There are two other
> silencers that the exhaust goes through before it gets there.  It does make the
> tone of the exhaust note better though...a bit deeper.  It sounds more like a
> sweetly tuned GTi!  I'd do that before I spend $150 on a new muffler, but that'
> s just one man's opinion.
>                                                               Later,
>                                                               Dan

	I'd love to keep the old muffler with a hole in it, or to 
	remove it without replacement and try it out. The sole 
	incentive behind replacing the muffler is to get my car
	registered in Massachusetts. I moved from Chicago to Boston
	and they told me that I need a new muffler! 
	I have to get the handbrake fixed too before I can drive it legally!

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