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Advice on brake probs.

    Well, here's the situation,

       I have a track event comming up in two weeks.  A few weeks ago I ordered
a set of Cool Carbons and some ATE Superblue brake fluid.  I flushed out the br
ake lines and added the new fluid, hand sand down the rotors, and put on the
Cool Carbon brake pads (front and rear).  Take it for a drive and I hear a rath
er disturbing squeaking noise.  Very loud.  Drive some more and it does not go
away.  I figure there is something wrong so I bring the car back, jack it up, a
nd what do you know....I had put one of the pads in backwards.  I pulled the pa
ds out and there was some deep scorring to one of the front rotors.

       I thought for sure I had ruined a perfectly good set of rotors.  So, I p
ut the Metal Masters (old pads) back on and asked my local mechanic what he tho
ught.  He told me that they were not ruined and to just go ahead and put the
Cool Carbons on.  He said that the Cool Carbons eat rotors up anyways and they
will smooth themselves out over time.  I was a bit skeptical, so I left the Met
al Masters in and figured I'd let them wear down the rotors a bit.  Well, I was
looking at it last time and they have shaved down the rotors a bit, but there s
till is some scoring on the back side of that rotor.

       My question to y'all is: is it safe to go ahead and put the Cool Carbons
on the front of my car with a rotor like that, or should I just get new ones.
Granted I am pretty poor, but I would rather spend $100 on new rotors than ruin
my Cool Carbon front brake pads ($150 for the fronts alone).  So, I wanted to
ask y'all if this is OK before I go ahead and put them on.  I have to do someth
ing this weekend!  So, please let me know what you think.  Any advice appreciat
ed.  Thanks.