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"octane myth"

Frank J. Bauer                                    (818)295-4108                 
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Subject: "octane myth"                                                          
i'll add one more bit of real world / blind test / seat-of-the-pants            
anecdotal experience here.  i was driving my friend to the airport              
recently.  we exited the freeway and i stomped the go pedal to blend            
with traffic.  since the reponse was noticeably unimpressive, i glanced at      
fuel gauge to determine if i was sputtering from low fuel/heavy braking         
syndrome (i remembered it was getting close to empty.)  i was surprised to      
see the needle pointing to full.  then i remembered i had lent him the car      
earlier for a quick run to the store.  the conversation went something like:    
me: "didja fill the tank while you had it out?"                                 
friend: "yeah, don't worry about - i wanted to repay you for putting me up      
while i was here"                                                               
me: "what kinda fuel did you use?"                                              
friend: "they didn't have premium so i filled it with 87."                      
me: "i can tell"                                                                

mileage and performance were noticeably and measurably shitty until i refilled. 
if you don't notice the difference in your 5KT(q), trade it in for a 5K because 
you aren't using your T very hard!  =8)