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88 5KCSTQ Bumper Cover available....

Hey Guys & Gals of the Audiphile type :

If your 5K series needs a rear bumper this might be of interest...if not well
it is up to you ....

Some of you might remember that my 88 5KCSTQ was run into from behind and I
was in the process of getting some damage repaired or replaced. Since the
other person was at fault I chose to have anything involved  in the accident
replaced with new Audi parts. Wherever the insurance company would let me...I
kept the damaged parts...well so now I have an extra rear bumper cover....

The cover has very slight damage...the top of the bumper has (5or6) 1.5 inch
scratches which are there from the bumper traveling forward at impact. The
scratches come from the slats on the chromes strip which lays on top of the
bumper which does not move when the bumper travels forward. The impact was a
10 MPH impact by a Camry and the Audi suffered little. The bumper cover is
really in better shape than I would expect to find on a 5000 series in a
junkyard or even on the road. I apply UV protection every two weeks maximum
year round....and too be honest my fiancee was wondering why I even insisted
to have a new cover installed...but I feel better now my baby is healing...

If you need a cover Black/Black (the Audi is that Dark Metallic Gray (almost
Black) let me know maybe we can trade or something...I do need a 88 5KCSTQ
right front headlight assembly....maybe someone with a UV damaged bumper can
use it...or maybe a slight raced Audi has been bumped on the track...

E-mail me if you might be interested......I am not sure how I would ship a
bumper cover...

Thanks for the time,

90 90
88 5KCSTQ - new rump, new exhaust !
Rob Carselle - Columbus, OH