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RE: "octane myth" & "synthetic oil

>Besides, we don't all drive taxi cabs in New York. They have roughly 1
>(one) cold start a day and run very lightly stressed, LARGE engines.
>- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
>  91 200qw
>  94 acura legend gs
>  80 mazda 626

Have to agree with Mr. Henriksen here.

Just spent a short period of time today in NYCity playing chicken with

NYCity is very much a start once, 2nd and 3rd gear tango. Oil gets nice and
warm. Not much chance to get to 6000revs before next red light or BUS!

If CR was testing for brakes. That would be a much more appropriate venue.

Did I mention my brakes are a little soft. And Bus cutting into lane comes
up real fast.

Ernest Wong
at esw5@cornell.edu