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RE: Lowering A4

A huge corporate discount. All the VWs come with Eagles too as far as I
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>Okay, that's the general consensus - that the tires suck real bad.  I'm used
>to burning right through tires anyhow, but didn't expect to have to buy a
>new pair so quickly.  So why would Audi put such bad tires on such a great
>>From: Don Pavlik <vwnut@neosoft.com>
>>>From: Fringe Ryder <fringe@fringeweb.com>
>>>Which brings up the question...
>>>Would lowering the A4 a smidgen improve it?  I have a 97 A4Q (2.8), great
>>>car but I'd like better cornering and less body roll.  With the stock
>>>Goodyear tires (which are not wimpy), it still doesn't corner at speed
>>>anywhere near as well as a BMW or even my somewhat modified Ford Escort.
>>>Eventually I'll replace the tires too, but they can't be as bad as the car
>>>is right now.
>>I thought the A4 came equipped with Eagle GAs?  If so, those tires really
>>suck... I've had 'em and they are not worth the effort required to put air
>>in 'em.  I've used Yokohoma AVS-I (very sticky) and Dunlpo D40/M2s (little
>>less sticky), both excellent tires when you decide to spring for rubber.  Be
>>warned, however, you will not get 30K miles out of 'em.  More like 18-25K.