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Re: A4 antenna amp?

On Nov 5, 12:21pm, Jay@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: A4 antenna amp?
> In a message dated 96-11-05 10:43:40 EST, dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan
> writes:
> > > I stuck my handy Levitron "BLEE-bloo-BLEE-bloo" signal tracer
>                                  ^^^ oops.  typo.  s/b Leviton.
> >
> >  What is it?  How do it work?
> >
> You can get it at any contractor-strength telecommunications
> supply house.  [snipped]

Cool, thanks for the info.

Sort of reminds me of when I bought a new-construction townhouse.
A/C wasn't working right.  Finally figured out the problem...
there was a break in the green wire in the thermostat cable
that ran from the living room, through the house, and out
into the furnace room, which was accessed separately through an
outside door.  When I called to tell them the problem, I first
had to convince them that I knew what I was talking about.
Then they told me that I had to be at home so that they could
get inside the house and start punching holes in the drywall
if there was a break in the wire.

"But why not start outside in the furnace room, where it's
unfinished?" I asked.  "Because that's not the way we do it.
Besides, the furnace room is small, there's only maybe 10
feet of wire in there before it gets inside the house.  The
break is probably inside the house, if there is one."

So instead, I go down to the lab at work.  I pack the $50k
Time Domain Reflectometer into my car and bring it home
that night.  Use it to measure the length of the thermostat
cable, using one of the unbroken wires.  48 feet.  Then
measure the broken wire length, from each end of the cable.
>From the furnace, 6 feet.  From the thermostat, 42 feet.
So I call them back.  "OK.  I'll be at work when you come
over.  The house will be locked.  The break is in the furnace
room, I've circled the place on the sheetrock where the break
is.  Please patch it when you're done."

Progress through technology!

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q