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Re: 97 a$ changer[D[D

On Nov 5,  3:59pm, David Robbins wrote:

> The power definitely builds at around 3000 rpm, which is the
> meat of the power band for the engine.  I find the car is
> unbelieveable around turns and at high speeds; it is just coming
> into its element at 75 MPH...

Same here.  Mine has 10k miles on it.  I've got the manual,
so I can't comment on the automatic, but I agree with Dave, there's
not a lot of power below 3k.  Be patient with the break-in.  The
engine is very sweet at 5k!

> As far as the CD Changer goes, I would try to call Clair Audi in
> Boston (info on the list's web page).  Make sure you refer to this
> list and the give you a discount.

Great!  How much are they discountint?

> Dan Masi (dan_masi@MENTORG.COM - sorry for always refering people
> to you, Dan) had a great write-up on how to install the CD
> Changer.

Well, I'm a bit confused, since I didn't install my own changer.
I had Audi toss it in (for free... long story).  I did do a couple
of big writeups, one on taking various interior pieces apart,
for when I installed my radar detector, cell phone, and nicer
front component speakers; and another for the throttle body mod.
If there's stuff in there about the CD changer, it's probably
pretty thin (maybe when I was looking into doing my own and
talking to PIE about the adapter)?  In any case, check the archives
off of the list's web page, you'll find info from a number of A4

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q