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Aftermarket Hood Problems

                      Subject:                              Time:  4:17 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Aftermarket Hood Problems             Date:  11/5/96

Prior to my move last year from Massachusetts to Arizona I purchased a
fiberglass hood from Germany.  This seems to be a pretty true replica of the
shorty sport quattro hood with all the vents and louvres in the same
positions.   When I tried it on for size I found that the fuel injection lines
and plenum fit real (too) snug right up under the open vent in the right side
of the hood. 

I don't know if this is due to plumbing changes in US models but the resulting
problems are 1) having to apply pressure to close the hood and 2) having the
stainless lines and plenum "too" visible through the vents.   

Frank Sprongl from Canada had agreed to take the hood and fit it to one of his
stock ur-quattros but I found that it cost almost as much as the hood for
shipping and duties.   His solution was going to be to remove or modify the
air box to "make some room" on his car and then send the modifications and
hood back for installation on my Q.

So, now I'm even farther away from Frank and still visualizing this hood on my
Q.  Anyone have any suggestions... or experienced gaining room in this area
from fitting aftermarket filter setups?

Thanks in advance,
'84 ur-Q