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PC vs. name calling

"meron" sed:
>Lets refrain from comments like "bleeding heart liberals" etc.etc. if you
>relay have to rant and rave, why wont you use the above comments during the
>next meeting of the "die hard conservatives". Please lets try and be civil
>even if you are extremely emotionally charged, stick to the facts or your
>opinion and no ugly insults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1)  I was having a pleasant discussion with another lister, and certainly
did not feel "extremely emotionally charged".
2)  I would have to guess that either you consider yourself a liberal of
some sort, or that you ascribe to the Politically Correct dogma of not
labeling anything with even a hint of true description.  I don't buy the PC
horsehockey, and tend to call what I see as I see it.  If either case is
true, and this annoys you, kindly delete my future posts.  I reserve the
right to free speech.

>Please do not answer and tell me that the above comment was not derogatory,
>an apology is due to all of us on the list from you, whether we are
>"bleeding heart liberals" or "die hard conservatives" like you.

Obviously you took this comment as derogatory.  That was not my intention,
nor was it my intention to annoy anyone with it.  This is as much of an
apology as I can muster on this subject.  My problem is with the mindset
that the government MUST protect everyone from their own failings, at any
cost.  As such, I oppose helmet laws, mandatory airbombs (that don't seem
like such a good idea anymore), permanent welfare, and tamperproof vehicle

BTW, if you object to name calling, I suggest you figure out what people's
views are before labeling them to their face.

Grumpy old fart, in the dark, rainy Pacific Northwet, signing off...
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