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Toys (was:Belts vs harnesses ...)

300hp DelSols, Euro-spec S6's, Subaru WRX's, Nissan Skyline GTRs ....

You guys get _all_ the toys; we never get to have ANY fun. Whaa, I
want my 
mommy.. :(

80Q, only ... sigh

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Subject: RE: Belts vs harnesses & that Honda F1 thingy
Author:  Sheffield Corey::(COREYS) at ~FABRIK
Date:    11/5/96 1:36 PM

Hi Jeff et al,

They had a new CRX special, they never renamed them the Del Sol down
that was making in excess of 300 hp. and cost over $100K NZ, about
$66k US at 
the time. There may also have been a Honda, no Acura outside US that
I know of, 
NSX with a detuned 10 cyl. F1 engine. Help me on this Dave and Greg,
resident "list" Kiwis:-) They also had a Jaguar XJ220 in
Christchurch, and 
every now and then you could spot one of those Nissan "Quadzillas" we